Monday, July 11, 2011

Leadership Training and disciplining by Boyle and Toregeson

Christ spent 3 years with the disciples
They ate with him…walked with Him…served with Him…learned from Him
8 hours a day x five days a week x 52 weeks x 3 years = 6,240 hours of time with Christ.
What’s the average time a person spends at church?
Average 2 hours a week…maybe 3-4 at best-only 32 weeks year!
5 hours x 32= 260 hours per year
6240 divided by 260=24 years to duplicate the training!
The only way that ministers are trained today in the same time span is at seminary! (three year span)
Seeing the potential to fly is leadership development
What do we develop?
Being…Who am I supposed to be?
Knowing…What do I need to know?
Doing…What must I learn to do!
There is one more item that is often neglected!
Emotions…what must I learn to address?
·        Spiritual Formation
·        Character Development
·        Ministry Competency and skill Development
·        Theological Integration and Reflection
·        Ethics